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Hey, I'm Achilles!!!

I'm a web developer and a technology enthusiast. I write code for a living, mostly in PHP and JavaScript.

Thessaloniki - Greece
Joined on December 1990

AchillesKal PHP and JavaScript

Symfony HttpFoundation - My Favorite PHP Library

Symfony has become the default way I write PHP and I don't mean just the Symfony Full Stack but the stand-alone Symfony components as well. Symfony components are decoupled and reusable PHP libraries which can be used independently from the Symfony Framework.  The best part is that they are well su...
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Service Container For Drupal Geeks

Drupal8 and Symfony have a great relationship, that's not news. In the context of this relationship there are some cool stuff Drupal is getting from Symfony and I am really happy about that!!! One of my favorite additions to Drupal is the concept of Service Container also known as Dependency Injec...
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Initial Post Like Initial Commit

My name is Achilles Kaloeridis, I am a web developer and this is my first blog post, something to get started! I created this blog to share my experiences, ideas and generally my point of view on the web and other stuff that I am interested in. My goal is to provide useful information so other peop...
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